About Us

Who is Go Sport?

We are an indoor shooting centre that gives you the opportunity to have a shot at an Olympic Sport. We use quality air pistols & air rifles in our competition standard shooting range to give you the best experience. Our highly trained staff are qualified coaches and will use their knowledge & experience to get you on target!

SAFETY Culture

Air target shooting has an excellent safety record, with one of the lowest accident rates. This may seem surprising in view of the hazards associated with the handling of a fire arms, however due to these the hazards, shooters have an excellent safety culture. It is this necessary and very visible concern for safety and discipline which gives Air target shooting such a high training value for the development of young people.


We are proud to be the official partner of the Welsh Target Shooting Federation for the delivery of the National Shooting Schools Pistol Championships. We work with primary & secondary schools across West Wales to provide their pupils the opportunity to try a new sport. We provide coaching, equipment and support to both schools & pupils for the duration of the competition and opportunities to continue shooting after.

Training Venue

Our competition standard range is the home training venue for members of the Welsh Pistol Team and GB Talent Squad. It is the new home for the Carmarthen Pistol & Rifle Club who has produced many elite athletes that have competed at the Common Wealth Games. We are also proud to work & train many other organisations such as the Pony Club, the Scouts & Young Farmers.

NOT SPORTY? This may be the activity for you!

If you’re not interested in sport, it might because you have not found the one for you! Air pistol & rifle shooting is a sport that develops you mentally and doesn’t require you to run around. Shooting will help you to develop balance, patience & breathing and can be done for fun or competitively the choice is yours!


The best thing about shooting is anyone can do it all at the same time. If you have any additional needs, we are able to use specially designed equipment to enable you to shoot with your friends and family. There are also opportunities to compete from representing your school through to the Paralympics.