About Us

About Us

Who is Go Sport.

Go Sport is a Sports Air Target + Shooting Range providing the opportunity to have a go at the Olympic Sport, to shoot competitively or for leisure in a safe , controlled friendly environment.



Popular sports i.e. football , rugby and netball dominate sporting culture, for those not interested in the popular sports often drop out of active lifestyle as soon as possible.

With Air Rifle / Pistol shooting there are chances to represent their schools in the National 10m Air Pistol Championships and it is also a recognised skill for the Duke of Edinburgh award.



Social – Meeting new people , interacting with group leaders.

Personal – Self Esteem, Concentration, Self-Discipline, Self-Control and Patients


SAFETY Culture

Air target shooting has an excellent safety record, with one of the lowest accident rates. This may seem surprising in view of the obvious hazards associated with the handling of a fire arms but it is because the hazards are so obvious that shooters have an excellent safety culture. It is this necessary and very visible concern for safety and discipline which gives Air target shooting such a high training value for the development of young people.