National Schools Pistol Championship


We are pleased to confirm that British Shooting have officially launched the schools pistol championship for this coming academic year. Due to the current pandemic, the format of the competition ha changed. Click the link to find out more



Below we have answers to some FAQ’s that may help explain the new format.

How do I enter?

Click the link above the British shooting website and follow the directions to the entry page. If you shoot with us we will provide the guns, pellets and targets you need.

How does my school enter?

As the official partner of the competition in Wales, we have experience in running pistol shooting at schools. If your school would like to enter, please ask them to contact us. Schools are able to enter teams of 3 in each category for no additional cost

Do I need to have experience in air pistol shooting?

No. If you shoot the competition with us we will provide you with training before you shoot your competition targets. We have Olympic standard air pistols and qualified coaches available to help you reach your potential

Where do I shoot my targets?

With us! We recommend that all targets are shot at our range which is fully compliant with all British shooting recommendations for the competition. We will supply all the equipment, score your targets and help you upload the results onto the Live Score System.